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Use a 100% natural approach to breast augmentation

If you are having a breast augmentation or liposuction procedure you should consider the Liquid Gold™ approach. Here’s why:

Liquid Gold™ LipoBanking uniquely combines the gentlest liposuction techniques for body contouring with new breakthroughs in fat grafting, and regenerative aesthetics to give you the most innovative, least invasive and most natural approach to a broad range of procedures including:

  • Breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, removing wrinkles, curvaceous body sculpting, breast reconstruction and many others.

Say “no” to invasive surgery, implants and cutting!

Instead of relying on cutting, implants, and injecting you with various artificial materials the Liquid Gold™ LipoBanking approach uses your body’s own stem cell rich fatty tissue as the most pure, long lasting and natural “product” for creating a more youthful look or body shape. This approach can be used alone or to enhance more traditional techniques such as breast implants and facelifts.

Store your own fat for future use

What makes the Liquid Gold™ approach such a breakthrough is that it introduces the world’s first on-site Cytori StemSource® mini-LipoBank to take fat grafting to a whole new level.

Using the Liquid Gold™ approach, fat removed during liposuction can now be stored indefinitely and then used for many potential procedures, including stem cell enhanced natural breast augmentation without implants. By storing your own fat, you ensure you will have a supply of your own fat for whatever uses you might need, and it's very cost-effective.

  • The Bougainvillea Clinique is the first plastic surgery facility in the U.S. to offer the Liquid Gold™ approach and one of the few U.S. facilities with the Cytori StemSource® device for separation of adult stem and regenerative cells from fat.

Harvests your fat once

Liquid Gold™ harvests a quantity of your fat once and uses a small quantity for your procedure. Unused fat is stored indefinitely in small amounts at a temperature of about -180 degrees centigrade (-292 Fahrenheit). This makes your fat available for use in any number of procedures. And it can be used as a substitute for hyaluronic acid fillers, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation among other uses.

Making your fat readily available for future procedures also means the Liquid Gold™ approach is ideal for:

  • Staged breast enlargement or reconstruction.
  • Repeat procedures for facial or hand enhancement and other fat grafting procedures.

Your fat is valuable

Fat is also the richest source of adult stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs). ADRCs have numerous existing uses, and at this point there seems to be no limit to their potential. Currently, they can be used to increase the quality of fat grafts for cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. They can also be used to help treat problem wounds. They are also being studied for use in the treatment of burn wounds, Crohn's Disease, heart attack and vascular problems, diabetes, arthritis and even Alzheimer's disease.

Schedule a free consultation

The Liquid Gold™ approach is just one of the many ways that the Bougainvillea Clinique is on the leading edge of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Find out how this breakthrough regenerative approach to cosmetic and plastic surgery can give you the look or body you desire without invasive surgery or implants by emailing or calling the Bougainvillea Clinique now (407-678-3116) and scheduling a free consultation.

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