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Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Breast Enlargement in FloridaYour consultation with Orlando Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Hartog is a crucial step in ensuring the best results from your breast augmentation. In it, Dr. Hartog will talk with you about all the breast augmentation options, laying out the benefits and drawbacks to all the different decisions. At the end of the consultation, you can make decisions about your surgery or you can postpone your final decisions if you want to take more time deciding on breast implant size or other possibilities.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Before your consultation, you should read all the information provided on this website, which reflects Dr. Hartog’s philosophies regarding breast implant surgery and his experience accumulated by performing over 3500 breast augmentation procedures. You should make sure you consider not only the possible advantages of breast augmentation, but also any drawbacks and possible complications. Discuss your decision with any friends or family whose advice you trust and invite them to come with you to your consultation.

Here's what to expect during your consultation:


Initially our Cosmetic Surgery Consultant and Dr. Hartog will listen while you tell us what you hope to achieve with your breast augmentation. We try to get an idea of what you are expecting in terms of breast size and shape after breast augmentation. You are welcome to bring photographs of the breast size and shape that you like, but it is extremely important that you select pictures of people who have a similar body type to you. It is important to understand that the shape of your breasts after surgery may depend to a large degree on the shape of your breasts prior to surgery. You should be honest about what you are looking for and why, and share what you have learned about breast augmentation prior to your visit.


After listening to you and evaluating what your desires are, Dr. Hartog will perform a thorough physical examination of the chest and breasts. Measurements may also be taken, particularly of chest width, tissue thickness, and nipple position.


After listening to your description of your desires from your breast implants, Dr. Hartog may ask you a few questions to fill in anything you may have left out, then he will offer his own recommendations based on your desires and on his assessment of your breast and body type after the examination. You will have the opportunity to discuss the various options regarding implant type and size, incision placement and over or under the muscle placement, and the advantages and disadvantages of these various options in your situation. It is possible we may recommend exactly what you were expecting or something different from what you originally expected. We will explain the reasons behind and recommendations we make.

You will talk through all your options, get to see and feel implants, try on sizers, and look at numerous before and after pictures from among the more than 3500 breast augmentations that Dr. Hartog has performed. Most likely, you will see someone similar to you who had a procedure like the one you are considering, so you can get a sense of what your results might look like.

The final decision on size is usually left till your preoperative visit, when we will combine all the various ways of assessing implant size, including trying on sizers, looking at pictures and you will also get a chance to see how you might look using the Vectra 3D Breast Sculptor. This advanced system creates a three-dimensional digital image of your chest that can be altered to show how you might look following your breast augmentation. Combining all these approaches, and taking into account your body and breast type as well as your ultimate desires and expectations, is the best possible way to make a decision on the final implant size.


Florida Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Hartog will give his expert advice after considering your desires and physical examination, however the final decisions regarding implant size, type, incision and placement will be yours.

To learn more about breast augmentation in Orlando, Winter Park, or anywhere in Central Florida, please schedule a breast enlargement consultation with Dr. Hartog at The Bougainvillea Clinique today.

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*Complimentary consultations are offered only for cosmetic surgery and other purely cosmetic procedures, and does not apply to reconstructive procedures, insurance based procedures, or consultations for second opinions and legal evaluation.

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