Composite Breast Augmentation

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Composite breast augmentation (also called LipoImplant Augmentation) allows us to take breast augmentation with implants to a new level of perfection.

Combining fat grafting and breast implants to give optimal shape and size in augmented breasts, this procedure can help whether you already have breast implants or if you are considering breast augmentation.

LipoImplant Augmentation can help women who:

  • Want a completely customized breast augmentation procedure
  • Desire maximum cleavage and fullness in the upper breast
  • Do not have enough breast tissue to cover implants
  • Have uneven, narrow, or tuberous breasts
  • Have breasts that have shrunk since your breast augmentation procedure

What Is Composite Breast Augmentation

Composite breast augmentation, or LipoImplant Augmentation, is when Dr. Hartog uses a combination of fat grafting and breast implants to achieve your desired breast augmentation results. The breast implant supplies the majority of the volume, but fat grafting is used to conceal the implant or delicately adjust the size and shape of the breast and overcome limitations that may have prevented you from achieving the results you desire with traditional breast augmentation.

Advantages of Composite Breast Augmentation

Even with submuscular placement of breast implants, the side and bottom of the breast implant are not covered by muscle. So if you do not have enough breast tissue, the implant may still be visible, and you can experience an unnatural appearance or even rippling of the implant, especially with saline breast implants. LipoImplant Augmentation allows us to take fat from elsewhere on your body and use it to conceal the breast implant.

Because of the shape or location of your breasts, breast implants may not be able to provide you with the desired amount of cleavage or fullness in the upper part of the breast. LipoImplant Augmentation allows us to make up for this by placing additional fat on the inside of the breast to create cleavage or on the upper part of the breast to create fullness.

Narrow breasts that do not match the shape of the breast implant may not be able to achieve the look you desire. LipoImplant Augmentation can allow us to reshape your breast so the breast implant fits better and gives a more natural appearance. This makes it the ideal tool for breast augmentation of tuberous breasts, since fat grafting can be used to widen the narrow base of the breast.

The breast implant actually compresses breast tissue over time, so if you have experienced a loss in volume in your breasts since your breast augmentation, LipoImplant Augmentation can be used to restore your results to their previous appearance.

Finally, LipoImplant Augmentation can be used to fine-tune the results of your breast augmentation to give you exactly the look you desire. This is good for correcting asymmetry in the breasts or just for making sure your results are just what you want them to be.

To learn more about this new technique in breast augmentation, please schedule a LipoImplant Augmentation consultation at The Bougainvillea Clinique today serving Orlando, Florida.

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